I learned to knit summer of 2013 (just before leaving for college). I’ve been knitting off and on (but mostly on) since, and have made around 50 objects varying from scarfs and hats to large shawls and sweaters. I’m on ravelry.

A first year of grad school, in knits

I got into the habit of knitting during large lecture classes (aka, where I thought it would go unremarked) as an aid to concentration. (With my hands occupied, I wouldn’t be tempted to do other work or chat on my phone.) During 2020 with school remote due to pandemic, all my classes and meetings were virtual which I took to mean I could knit during most everything.

Of these 8 projects, I made intentional modifications on 5 of them; intentional only after the fact modifications to 1 of them; attempted to follow 1 as written (modulo evident chart typos); and the last was just a chart and not an application.

Purple pen shawl

A continuation in my long line of lace shawl knitting. This one was larger than usual, in part because of unintended lack of pattern following.

Lace & Cable Tunic

A fun pattern combining lace and cables. Contained intentional lack of pattern following.

Hexagons inside hexagons

For a pattern labelled most difficult in the book with a lot of charts, the structure is surprisingly readable. I did follow the pattern on this one, modulo where there were typos in the chart.

Tree purse

Cabled tree pattern that I was testing the instructions for. I didn’t want to commit to a sweater, so I did two repeats of it on a purse.

Lace V-neck

Neck was modified.

Lace cardigan

Filler pattern was not what the pattern called for.

Crow sample

I wanted to make the hat below, but had never done double knitting, so I did this as a practice swatch.

Double knit leaf hat

Pattern calls for purls, I did not listen.