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Thought pages
What is A-maze?
An argument for 'redo' mode
New delay feature for 'redo' mode
Experiment design
Parameter considerations

Practical pages
Install instructions
Basic use
Advanced options
Using Ibex for Maze
Hosting an Ibex-Maze Server


A-maze is an incremental sentence processing method; it’s a variant of the Maze task that uses automatically generated distractors.

On other pages of this site, you can learn more about the Maze task, learn how to set-up and start using A-maze in your own research, and learn about running Maze experiments online.

This is still a work in progress, so if you run into bugs or issues, feel free to raise issues on github or email me.

Citing A-maze

If you use A-maze in your work, please cite both the A-maze and the papers about whatever model(s) you used.

Projects using A-maze

(This is currently a very short list because I’m not aware of much work using A-maze. If you send me links to pre-prints/posters/other open access work using A-maze, I’ll add it here.)