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Thought pages
What is A-maze?
An argument for 'redo' mode
New delay feature for 'redo' mode
Experiment design
Parameter considerations

Practical pages
Install instructions
Basic use
Advanced options
Using Ibex for Maze
Hosting an Ibex-Maze Server

Structure of maze automation

This is written with the assumption that you might be trying to mess with things or add new modules to maze automation.

Files and what they do:

Things you might want to mess with

Some obvious steps to mess with:

Adding other languages

It shouldn’t be hard to set up Maze to work for non-English languages. The hard part is finding/making a good language model. As a proof-of-concept, a set-up for French maze is provided.

The key things to consider are:

Alternatives to Ibex

It might be desirable to run A-maze experiments on a platform other than Ibex that is more up to date or familiar. It should be relatively easy to implement the Maze task on other frameworks that do reaction time measurements especially if they’re already set up for SPR.

If you do fix bugs, add new features, or new languages; please submit pull requests!